Sometimes a tooth cannot be restored and must be removed

Whenever it is healthy and reasonable to do so, we try to maintain natural teeth.  Sometimes, a tooth is too broken, painful, infected, loose, or traumatized, and an extraction may be recommended.  

What to expect

After evaluating your tooth, reviewing your medical history, discussing the procedure, and answering any questions, we use local anesthetic to numb the area around the tooth.  Using specialized instruments, we gently loosen the tooth and remove it.  The extraction socket is cleaned and rinsed with sterile saline.  In certain cases, bone grafting materials may be recommended.  Sutures may be placed when necessary.  Gauze is applied to the extraction socket and pressure applied to minimize bleeding and allow a clot to form.  You will want to take it easy over the next 1-3 days to give your mouth time to heal.  

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