Individualized Caries and Periodontal Risk Assessments

There are two primary diseases we’re concerned about: 
●      Caries (the bacterial infection causing tooth decay, or cavities) 
●      Periodontal Disease (disease of the gums and bone supporting the teeth)
Several factors play a role in these disease states, which are individualized for each patient. Some are protective, and decrease disease risk, whereas others are harmful, contributing to increased risk for caries and periodontal disease. 

During our examinations, we assess the following: 
●      Medical status (for example: diabetes, smoking, immune compromise) 
●      Medications 
●      Dry mouth 
●      Family History, Genetics 
●      Diet 
○      amount of water intake 
○      sugar and acid consumption 
●      Fluoride use

Bite Assessments

The way your teeth fit together and function should be harmonious and comfortable. Imbalances can create jaw pain, tooth pain, worn teeth, and more. Evaluating your bite ("occlusion") helps us detect and treat concerns.

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